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Who is at Fault?

Car accidents are caused by a variety of factors. Some accidents are due to negligence, reckless behavior or a defective product. Negligence can have many ways to change a red light, Spee, lack of attention, the use of the cell phone, or illegal Lane changes. Reckless behavior may include drunk driving or being under the influence of an illegal substance. Product liability may result from a defective product in your car or a defective product in another vehicle.

If an individual did not specifically follow a motor vehicle status and resulted in his injury, it can be easy to determine who is responsible for his injuries. Other times multiple offenses, including your own actions, may have contributed to the car accident and the debt will be harder to determine. If a defective product has contributed to your accident, the manufacturer or seller may be responsible for your personal injuries.

Best Way to Determine Liability

In order to determine the responsibility it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the laws of your state. Some states will have non-defective laws that require each individual to pay the insurance policy for his or her injuries to a fixed amount, regardless of who caused the accident. Compensation may include medical costs and income loss.

The amount set may be based on damage or monetary thresholds or both. Other states will require the driver's insurance of debt to cover financial losses. The amount of compensation can be adjusted if your actions contributed to the accident. If the debt driver does not have sufficient personal liability insurance, in each state you are able to claim a personal injury damage to the damage caused by your injury or damage to the property repair file.